The first company currently has a market share of 14.6% of the international sporting goods market, compared with 11.4% in the second. In the World Cup in Brazil will again see the faces.

The World of Brazil next year will have to football teams around the world vying for the famous drink, while Nike and Adidas star in another episode in the battle to be the most important global sports brand.

Nike currently has a market share of 14.6% of the international sporting goods market, compared with 11.4% of Adidas, and is undermining the dominance of the German mark in Europe.

Adidas had a 13.2% market share of sporting goods in Western Europe in 2012, compared to the 12.4% of Nike, according to Euro monitor. When the whistle which triggers Brazil 2014, everything is in play.

“It is not easy to evaluate collections (next year). Adidas is definitely making a lot of effort to recover lost ground, but a company like Nike does not rest on our laurels, “said Hans Allmendinger , marketing chief of the German sporting goods retailer Sport2000.


Adidas has over 40 years decorating clothing and footwear football with its distinctive logo of three parallel lines.It also has strong partnerships with a view to the next challenge: a close relationship with the German club Bayern Munich , where he owns 9%, and the FIFA , the governing body of football, for designing the official clothing of the World.

For 2014, Adidas has projected record sales linked to above 2,000 million football and aims to increase its turnover as a group to 17,000 million euros (23,000 million) in 2015.

The Nike U.S., meanwhile, recently entered the football market in 1994. But already has agreements with several major clubs, including the English champions Manchester United .

The brand’s distinctive logo of the “pipe” does not make predictions about individual sports categories, but group projects sales of up to $ 30,000 million for 2015.

That suggests he thinks he can have a solid performance in the World Cup in Brazil to extend their overall lead over Adidas and even beat the German brand in its home market.

In its first quarter of fiscal 2013, which ended August 31, Nike reported an 8% increase in European sales. For the same period, sales in Europe fell 7%.