The big hit in the development of this global crisis are financial institutions, central governments and federal agencies, businesses and families.

Long before this crisis world meaningless, banks loans were transferred daily with frequent that fund their own loans and business operations. Unfortunately, banks have failed to collaborate with each other, reaching the extreme distrust, to increases in costs when developing these loans from various financial institutions, and even more it is not suitable to manage your banking.


Because of these discrepancies between financial institutions many of them, unfortunately, have resulted in technical bankruptcy. Fear and uncertainty created by a possible lack of liquidity in the not too distant future they fear, inevitably, this crisis even more widespread.

Banks have turned off the tap to the disastrous financial crisis

Today it is almost impossible to acquire a loan or credit banking sector. The mortgage has risen considerably and guarantees, such as the presentation of guarantees, is the order of the day. Families and people really interested in buying a home, car or just want to start a small business, to provide some return for your home, there are no chance of getting a loan or mortgage.

Companies unable to apply for more loans for their businesses, are unfortunately unable to obtain new business as important resources for the development of their business. Sales fall significantly reducing worryingly costs company, which generates an internal crisis in the productive sector and trade, which inevitably leads to dismissal of personnel of the companies.

Solution to this crisis of global confidence

The call crisis of confidence world has produced since its beginning by an infectious giddy subconscious fear in the financial, economic, political, social and productive. Investors are big boosters involved and the financial crisis. They resorted to the sale of bonds backed by mortgages irrationally and compulsively without foreseeing the disastrous events that occur later.

To overcome this crisis and avoid paralysis in the economies to continue to provide the necessary guarantees, and of course, estimated security to citizens, governments worldwide have joined together to provide solutions to this dire economic crisis. Among the measures to be taken include: savings bank security of all citizens, and in case of bankruptcy, that money is not lost; monetary cooperation among financial institutions, as in times past.

U.S. Government may purchase mortgage-backed bonds

In the U.S. The Government is authorized to acquire absolute mortgage-backed bonds Thus acquired by the law of supply and demand will be more profitable and based on prices closer to reality. The demand will grow thanks to this support provided to banks. They can sell these bonds stuck to the Government. In making this management, the bank and be in absolute readiness to lend money to other companies.

If we apply this example to the world and governments come together to this proposal, arguably the world’s economy will improve. The companies will begin to emerge, rates arrest fall considerably leading to an overall improvement in every family in the world. The bank will produce fruitful and outstanding efforts in the financial sector. In general, there will be a new resurgence in the financial economics. Translated into “a better world to live.”