Scammers always come up with some new method by which we must defend ourselves, or rather that we must defend our money. The new trap is called cash trapping , a system used by criminals to steal even from the ATM . The technique is quite simple, and above all the scammers need a few minutes to score their shot. Let’s see what it is, so as to recognize the danger.

The newspapers tell us that cases of cash trapping here in Italy, in the different regions are different. This technique, however, is not fraudulent Italian but was born in northern European countries such as France and the United Kingdom. But it took very little to get by us. Scammers come into action when the user goes to the door of the ATM to perform a regular withdrawal. The money is prevented from going out, since it is intentionally locked inside.


The robbers manage to trap using a fork, which is skillfully placed in the intended point in the leakage of banknotes. The User victim, waiting in vain for the money to be paid, after a short delay tends to move away, believing that there is a failure in the course. It ‘just when the user no charging view its impossibility, appearing criminals. In a few seconds and take the loot away in a hurry.

The shots that were made to sign using this technique are very many, and in some cases the figures stolen can be considerable. Do you think that in France with the trapping cash was stolen more than one million euro. Here in Italy, in some cases, playing some complaint, as in Guidonia, where a woman suspicious requested the intervention of the police immediately. And in fact this is the best defense: keep your eyes wide open and in front of fault unconvincing device, report it immediately to the proper authorities.