Until a few years ago, the discount food were seen with a negative eye on how many had to choose where to go for shopping. Gradually, both the spreading crisis that has made ​​it economically difficult even the purchase of basic necessities, and to a lesser prejudice against these stores, the difference with the normal supermarkets has been gradually decreasing until the result almost amazing , which currently sees the most people go to the discount food rather than in large deployments brand .

But because it really saves buying food at a discount? The reason is deceptively simple. Most products do not belong to the great known brands and this contributes greatly to their lowest value on the market. Be careful though. No-name product does not mean poor quality product and in any case, in the discount food generation also so-called “soft”, you can choose from many products including some of the most well known brands products, a feature missing in the first discount food born the territory.


Let us now see what are the best food discount for shopping without fear of too lighten your wallet. Among those who are having more success in the last few months we can not mention Lidl . It is a European discount 360 degrees where you can find pretty much everything but mostly buy quality food at reasonable prices reduced. The Lidl offers change every week and on the official website you can follow day by day new discounts offered, search for the nearest store and be guided in the preparation of tasty dishes with ingredients purchased thanks to the “Recipes” edited by Lidl in collaboration with Modern Kitchen. Great attention to the discounts of the weekend : Saturday is possible to buy food with a 35% discount and buy branded products only 2 euro.

More discount is very much appreciated by MD Discount , a discount store full of food at a very content where, thanks to MD Card , you can set aside valuable points on spending just as is the case with most popular supermarkets, and ask useful prizes . Here, too, the password is saved : pasta just 65 cents, chocolate biscuits just 89 cents and also many branded products discounted by 20 to 30%. Among the most successful discount food remind you Euro spin , a leader in the area thanks to its 850 stores throughout Italy. Thanks to the dedicated website you can find the products on offer, the nearest points of sale and browse virtually the last flyers with all the promotions .