Being an entrepreneur is very popular in Mexico. They have unleashed a series of programs to support micro-enterprise despite the rigorous red tape.

How good is it to start a business?

Depend on the entrepreneur, a company always reflect both positive and negative traits of who is at the head and from there to say that not everyone can undertake and achieve the desired success, that of which we chat in the success stories the various pages to support this sector.


Being an entrepreneur in Mexico is not easy, according to Doing Business annual listing prepared by the World Bank, Mexico fell three positions, place 41 to 44 among the 178 economies valued and entrepreneurs are divided into two age groups 18 to 34 and 45 to 68 years, as reported by the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor (GEM).

To this add the steps to take before opening:

1.Register with Taxpayers

2.State Register of Causes

3.Applications for licenses in land use

4.Notice of opening statement

5.Registration of business registration to the IMSS

6.Opening of establishment to the Ministry of Health

7.Registration in the Mexican Business Information System

8.Processing of land registry

In undertaking any project it must contain the following ingredients: Consistency, enthusiasm, perseverance, sacrifice, search (resources, relationships, programs), constant optimism also clear from the knowledge that should be on the line of business. Although anyone who intends to mix these ingredients and soak them daily as a habit, no doubt achieve its purpose.

Another element that can not miss is the warm service, this customer-generated an atmosphere of trust and prefer the establishment where they are given above the other, a smile and friendly greeting, and that at retirement, the client feels that did something to address their need gives: satisfaction. The best advertising is word of mouth.

All this will help if we remember that according to statistics, out of 100 companies starting operations, only 35 survived after two years and of these only 4% comes to the quality of medium-sized enterprises.

It is clear then that they undertake in our country are motivated by unemployment and lack of opportunities. One of the recommendations and that it is worth casting on deaf ears, is to seek always to have a vision and innovation impact by product or service offered, this will give added value and ensure a long life to the company. An excellent option in these cases are business incubators, businesses that undergo this process have a 85% chance of surviving more than 3 years.Because while not all have the knowledge to grow a business, there are programs in our power to achieve this purpose and that the entrepreneur is not born, today, is done.