Investing in the stock market is fairly straightforward, but it is necessary to know the critical minimum and most basic strategies to avoid wasting money unnecessarily.

They are taught to children from small to save and the importance it will have for them in the future to have a profession that provides income. But it also has an enormous importance in the modern world know spend that money won. No doubt that investing should be taught in schools in the same way that teaches students to read and add up because it will be just as useful to them.


Investing in the stock market is the best option to achieve to become a heritage. For starters, you need not spend the large sums of money necessary to buy such an apartment, you can turn a profit after some time, but required to pay not only the building but also the scriptures. Whatever the initial capital, anyone can invest long or short in several companies on the stock exchange, with little cost. If you need cash, you can quickly sell the shares.

Options when investing in stock

There are two choices when investing in the stock market:

* Investment funds.
* Direct investment in shares.

A investment fund is a collective investment. To purchase simply contact one of the many companies that offer them, and worry theory. It is better not to know absolutely nothing, no need to make complicated decisions and now in Spain there are tax advantages for acquiring funds.

Advantages and disadvantages of opting for mutual funds or direct investment

But ultimately, it is often more profitable to invest directly in actions, generate dividends for titles regularly. In addition, commissions are paid much lower than those required by an investment fund. The fee for investing in these last is 2% or higher, but you pay annually. In addition, direct investors have complete freedom to withdraw at any time they want, jump to another value that has suddenly up trends, or leave altogether, and so on. Investing directly in the stock market can earn more money in the long run, although required to be more aware of what the best investments of time.

Basically, the experts recommend the first option for those who want to invest but not very complicated life, or learn about the stock, nor spend much time looking at how are the titles, etc.. The second option is best for those who bear the investment in the blood, and are willing to seek information, buy books and business press, take the time to be, and in short, do whatever it takes so long to go scratching around euros.

First steps in the stock market and choosing a strategy

It is possible to invest in stock through a bank, although it is now easier, faster and especially fast online investing through a online broker. Normally the bank or company in question provides a key to access your web, and there you can choose how much money they invest and values. You do not need much experience or know anything on the internet because websites are intuitive and simple.

Once you have the possibility of investing money, investment should be avoided ‘at random’. A design is imposed strategy designed to work long term. Each of the strategies that are good for a particular investor profile. You may opt for simple strategies, more complex and extremely sophisticated.

Some basic strategies to invest in stock

Obviously it is better for first start with the basics, such as buying a broad index of securities at regular intervals. This is the same as buying the stocks of an index, so you will return when getting up that index. There are also so-called ETF investment funds that are publicly traded and also rise or fall as do the benchmark.

Another strategy a bit more complex but affordable for those who are starting at a time is to buy crack. That is, it waits for the stock down and the titles are more affordable than ever. Acquired such securities may be sold down after the medium term when they rise a little, or after the years when they have appreciated enough. This strategy requires to be constantly informed about when the stock market low.

For beginners, it is best to try to invest in solid companies at the time. For example, major banks and ensure they are stable values ​​with little prospect of falling. In this way, you can get started with some confidence in the stock market.