Conduct, a risky in times of economic recession, or an opportunity to address this rut ​​and get ahead?

Creativity, strength and desire (or need) to change our labor and economic position, arise during times of crisis, promoting the creation of new ventures or business ideas. Some think it is a very risky and reckless decision, however, the data demuentran those entrepreneurs or companies that come up during difficult times, as we are living, and can be sustained, with effort, dedication and patience, are strengthened well positioned in the enterprise market. In this way, many, especially young people who embark on the adventure of starting a new business. But, getting started, how to perform all functions, which market to address, how to fund my idea . These and many other questions may dwell in the mind of a young entrepreneur no experience in the enterprise, to overcome these obstacles, advise and assist in the early stages of creating your new business, there AJJEB, the new Young Lawyers Association and Barcelona Entrepreneurs.


AJJEB is a new company, based in the heart of Barcelona, ​​which opens its doors to welcome all young entrepreneurs who want to get started in the business network. Constutida for young lawyers of the city, decided to create a meeting point, an open space for training and advice so you can get and improve the skills and knowledge necessary to undertake As well as live and connect with other professionals that may be of interest for the development of your activity.

The paradox: a ascociacion formed by young people, who decide undertake while helping others in her situation. To learn more about the passage in front of this social impact new company, we have the opportunity to interview its founder, Ida Quintian.

Interview with Ida Quintian

Marta Gonzalez Where does the idea of ​​constutuir AJJEB?

Ida Quintian: We thought it would create a space for new lawyers with agency, but dedicated to businesses that carry only young people, people like us with which to establish a relationship as equals. A company with social purposes, an association for entrepreneurs and business house in its early stages. From our experience, we know many people who have large projects or creative ideas, and they wanted to participate, in an indirect way, advisers that they did not. At the same time, for us is to walk step by step with other young emerging, and which, as you were saying, we are young we are undertaking this association and that in turn help people in the same situation, and that in sometimes means that one has to answer questions for the proper functioning of the association, and simultaneously meet the needs and demands of our partners.

M.G: What moves you to keep active and AJJEB be new to others?

I.Q: Our desire to unite different people so that together we build and shape business ideas. The main idea, apart from our different services, has been from the beginning to create a common space. So when looking where to settle, one of the most important requirements was that the place should be great to have a broad and multifunctional space where people could work, freelance, young people who are starting out, artists that could have a space to devote to the business professional. Also, a place where you can meet with clients, giving lectures or manage other types of activities without the cost and installed individually.

M.G: All this is fine, but what services do you offer that will make a difference with other open spaces also networking.

I.Q: AJJEB addition to providing a physical space or virtual office, advising, managing legal documents or to be intermediaries or links between empredendores the same or different sectors, is responsible for organizing training of interest to fill gaps in the partners and help them improve their own tools for the proper development of your profile as an entrepreneur and activity of their own business. We not only want to provide certain services, but are also the entrepreneurs themselves who know what and how are those services necessary for your business,

so for example, if a manager you need to carry your accounts not only serves to keep the bills, but also to know what work is to be undertaken by the manager, what you must pay tax, etc. and thus make better use of the system. Our range is extensive and always growing, thus hablidades formations offer communication, creation of databases, accounting, motivational coaching to help people put up those great business ideas, social skills, or new legislatures such as that involving women in the household and their contractors. We assume, that the young entrepreneur does not have to know the tools necessary business areas, but he creates, is the idea, but does not know how to perform successfully.

M.G: What do appeal to young entrepreneurs, in this case, the city of Barcelona?

I.Q: In these times of crisis, we realize that many people with great intellectual resources and training, which right now are unemployed, and those who supported and encouraged in the implementation of their ideas to help them run. Being an entrepreneur, but sometimes is undervalued or associated with corrupt, is instead a state of equilibrium between creation and the work itself. We are in carrer Argenter number 10, near the Palau of the Music, willing to listen to you and to serve as encouragement and support in starting your business.

M.G: Ida thank you very much, and AJJEB in general, for your information, and also for your social work, because I’m sure many young people actually drive through will achieve your business goals.

I.Q: Thank you for serving information support and provide the opportunity to let us know.