The current subprime crisis, Barclays Bank raises intended to broaden its horizons. Indeed, it is one of the few banks that are trying to adapt to customer needs in countries where each subsidiary operates. Thus, Barclays France is a different bank Barclays UK, as the financial products offered only to fit customer expectations French. The Barclays Group is particularly strong in its strategy, which essentially consists of simple solutions, powerful and adapted to all financial needs. The British bank no longer needs to prove its reputation in Europe as it is among the most credible banks of the moment in terms of services and offers.


Barclays bank is a group born in 1896 through the merger of five UK financial institutions and has 182 branches in the UK. Today it has become a global bank, operating in 60 countries with more than 25 million customers in five continents. In Africa, Barclays is 32 000 jobs through Absa, its subsidiary located in South Africa. In France, the bank is one of the oldest financial institution with nearly 90 years of service to its customers. Despite the recent crisis that has shaken the whole financial market, the bank has made honorable performance compared to its competitors. It draws its fame from its activities that cover many sectors. Thus, the bank is an institution that offers changing regularly innovative financial solutions to its customers.

Banking Barclays

Barclays offers its customers all banking services. Thus, an account with Barclays opens up many possibilities in terms of management, savings and loans. The bank offers to each category of customer offerings as diverse as the offers young people, offers students and young professionals offers. Most of these deals allow banks to.

Account holder to automatically access multiple services. Once a customer subscribes to an offer he may receive additional offers such as Super Booklet and life insurance with Barclays Moovie, upon payment of a fee. As for savings, the filing of the book allows Barclays to enjoy a highly competitive annual fee. In addition, the bank pays the same standard current account with rates significantly attractive. The account holder can have his money at any time, with packages including modern means of payment such as credit cards. Also, to personally manage their account, a customer can subscribe to Barclays services offered by Barclays and Barclays Plus Net. Both services allow you to manage an account at any time by phone or Internet. The website of Barclays is also an interface for any financial transaction, from management, savings and transactions, to finance investment. For the latter, Barclays offers a range of loans at very flexible.


Wealth management and asset at Barclays

Barclays meets the investment needs of individuals and businesses. For this, it deploys and powerful tools available to all holders of financial instruments that Barclays will also benefit from the expertise, advice and analysis provided by financial market professionals. Thus, with Barclays and Barclays stock mutual funds, customers benefit from easy investment opportunities and existing investment. The bank also offers multiple solutions for companies wishing to optimize their cash flow and secure their international transactions.

Moreover, to support its customers in trade in import and export, Barclays has set up a bank guarantee of service, and several ranges of ways of cashing and international payment. For customers who have invested in a mutual of securities (UCITS), Barclays gives them access to funds managed by the partner bank, and various systems management mandate for the short, medium and long term. That their clients are assured of the efficient use of their money, Barclays is committed to communicate regularly the progress of their portfolio. Finally, as a professional financial expertise, Barclays offers insurance and risk management of all kinds.