The economic crisis currently plaguing our country makes the rescue, now banks. When the risk premium is at record highs.

The economic crisis now living Spain, continues its relentless climb. No one is safe from suffering in the flesh, its devastating consequences. Now it is the turn to banks . The last major banking project led by Rodrigo Rato, until things started to go wrong.

Banks Rescue

Tired of the precarious situation in Spain, outraged by the bad management of the political leaders, fed up pitch in once again calling on the citizens to understand that Banks need a bailout . 23,000 million euros stroke suddenly and goes to an entity whose management and left much to be desired from the beginning.

Is it necessary to Banks rescue?

In most Spanish people have doubts. Do you need rescuing? Solidly with all those investors who placed their trust in Banks and who fear losing their savings, aware that they should look for an exit, the ordinary citizen needs an explanation. The complete lack of information from the Government encourages further encourage, anger and distrust of Banks and management regarding the professionalism of the political leaders. The attitude of the Government to give no answer coupled with a complete lack of transparency makes people feel deceived and manipulated, besides defenseless. The ECB has already rejected the government plan submitted to Banks and now citizens must accept rno little resignation, which will end up paying the ransom.


Commission investigating Banks

What is more difficult to understand the reluctance of the government to open an investigation to help shed more light and ultimately, to clarify the grounds on which the entity to such a serious situation.What’s wrong investigate?. Finally, the lack of transparency eventually to agree with those who think that when a politician goes, it does well with coffers full of money and a pension plan totally outrageous. That when it decides to leave the helm because he has no where out and does so with impunity.

Certainly, in any economy, the crises is natural, even necessary to achieve the desired economic balance but the big problem is not the crisis but mismanagement in economic and political affecting the country.True, one could not avoid the crisis, which itself could be controlled was the scale it has achieved. In the end, the big losers are always the same, the Spanish who see staggers its welfare state at the expense of purely partisan decisions.

See how they undermine the pillars as vital as health or education through increasingly feared cuts while watched helplessly, how to inject 23,000 million euros of public money, in all, a bank draft, in this Banks case. While the Government will continue with this dynamic of not providing relevant explanations, or show any willingness to investigate not achieve market confidence and plunged the country will continue in this halo of hopelessness and frustration. All thrown balls out when debugging responsibilities. And the optimists always sheltered under the umbrella of the big Europe will help us.