It is already reported some time ago that, thanks to the crisis, mortgage applications have dropped and so have the disbursements of the same by the banks which have consequently raised the rates for those few required also saw the spread steadily increasing . Tenders in contrast, however, there are some banks and so they decided to offer right now that there is so much uncertainty a range of solutions tailored to young people who want to set up home in order to safeguard themselves and their families to come.

For Intestate San Paolo , for example, have been allocated less than 5 billion euro for young people who want to take out a loan to buy their first home. In order to make things easy, the bank offers a single type of mortgage, the Dom us , which you can then customize as needed, for example, stretching up to 40 years, asking for a coverage option and taking advantage of its flexibility . Due to its high level of customization, mutual Domus is also suitable for atypical workers . In this case, the customer can get an interesting year and free insurance coverage that only once during the entire period of repayment, he pays for the unemployment rate in the case of up to six months and to suspend the refund for three times up to a maximum of six months at a time.


Another bank that decided to think about the families and meeting their needs is Calamari Credit Agricola has allocated less than 2 and a half billion ceiling for funding. With the range of loans “Great Mortgage” nothing new compared to the past. Mortgages fixed, variable and mixed with or without cap are the products of the group that provides maximum periods of repayment up to 30 years and the opportunity to apply for a maximum amount equal to 80% of the value that you want buy. Interesting also offered by popular bank extending the offer “Last Minute” thanks to which ‘can apply for a loan with a rate locked for the purchase of property and the banking popular of Milan think especially for young couples in their 30s, those who suffer from more to get a loan with a loan capped with repayment to 30 years to buy now the home of their dreams.