The use of bank loan is the most commonly used to finance its development. And it is still relevant despite the credit crunch in times of economic turmoil. The government has also set up the device mediation to bring credit to businesses facing funding problems support and immediate response.

The bank,your partner for the long term

With the economic crisis, bankers are looking statements before extending credit to SMEs.
Here are tips to put the odds in your favor.

Play competition:Feel free to contact several banks. A tactic that allows you to draw the interest rate on your credit down. In addition, “to encourage competition among banks, but also compare their level of expertise.And their ability to assist you in the long run . For a good banker is above all someone who has knowledge of your industry and can help you solve your problems.

Making the most of his bank

Financial crisis forces banks become more cautious and tighten the screw credit. If you understand the constraints of your banker, you’re more likely to convince.

Be a good customer for your banker:The quality of the relationship between banks and SMEs is based on an understanding of each profession. Your banker needs to know your business, your markets, your operating conditions and financial needs that result. On your side, you must understand that a bank has a dual business: on the one hand, it is a service provider and on the other, a financier or manager of your excess cash.Often SMEs do not devote sufficient attention to the role of their first (s) bank (s), which is to ensure the flow of receipts and payments. They focus on the credit facilities, forgetting that the bank at the same time is remunerated on commission of financial movements. Make sure to give a greater volume of transactions the banker will be shown that the most generous.

How to use the credit mediator

Denial of credit or overdraft line break? If these difficulties threaten your business, you can enter the credit mediator, support established by the state to help you obtain credit in an environment where banks do not always play the game.

Definition:The credit mediator helps companies that have funding problems. To qualify for support, it must validate your file. Then he invites financial institutions to review their position within five days. If no agreement is reached, the mediator contacted to resolve bottlenecks.