Cic is a first class bank and is ranked third largest bank in France with some 23,000 employees. The bank-insurance has an extensive network of over 2100 branches throughout France but also abroad with its branches and representative offices. Today, customers of Cic more than four million are allocated to individuals, professionals and even companies.


CIC is at the forefront of technology to provide ever faster and more secure to its customers worldwide. It is a bank consolidated its secular foundations for a century and a half while adapting to different contexts that are presented. This ensures complete confidence from our clients about the strength of the institution. In addition, partners can benefit from excellent customer service.

The 150-year evolution of Cic

Founded in 1859 at the time of Napoleon III, the bank Credit Industrial and Commercial is the oldest French bank deposit. In 1982, the ICC is nationalized but in the meantime, it has been under the control of the Suez Group Union of Mines since 1968. 1985 entries in the CIC, Gan Assurances hold the majority of shares in the capital in 1989 before consolidating their position in 1993 with over 92% share of the European Union to Cic. This is the result of a merger in 1990 between the Bank of the EU .

Industrial credit and Commercial is a real financial company in 1998 with the privatization of Cic but more importantly, thanks to the purchase made by the Credit Mutual Centre Est Europe. The group takes the name of Mutual credit-CIC. After many mergers, the bank consists today of Cic in Ile-de-France that provides the headend and five other regional banks: CIC Bank BSD-CIN, the Bank CIO-BRO, the CIC.

The activities of Cic

The ICC is a major player in banking and insurance whose activities revolve around four trades. The ICC is committed to promoting the products of a bank details including life insurance, damage insurance, Equipment leasing leasing real estate, savings plans, etc . Second, the ICC also provides the functions of a bank financing that is to say the very large funding that may involve branches of large enterprises, but also activities such as securities brokerage market by for example.

Then we find the CIC in the private banking sector in managing the assets of its customers. Finally, the last activity is the development capital. Historically, the CIC will provide part of the capital required to open new banks as well as at regional Havrais Credit, Credit West etc . That on the national level as the company Lyonnaise and international Spain, Madagascar, Romania, etc . To strengthen its international presence, the ICC has conducted numerous equity investments in various foreign banks and provided advice on mergers and acquisitions.