How many times, even on the news, we hear of athletes, celebrities, or entrepreneurs, who are you open an account banking in Switzerland and we wanted to be able to do the same too? But then we thought that our money is to be deposited in the Swiss country certainly do not reach the stratospheric sum of those deposited by Scrooge just mentioned, and so the idea was shelved.

But in reality the procedure to bring their money in Switzerland is not as complicated as you might imagine, and especially those who are more and more in recent times are choosing this solution. And recently to take their money abroad are not only those who dispensation sums dream, but also those who are more and more frightened by the economic situation. So many of our fellow citizens feel safer taking their money outside the borders of our country. But in any case, we would like to say that the Swiss solution is the one most suited to those working capital also considerable.


But beyond the money that you have available, how does one become part of the circle of Swiss bank account holders ? In practice, the two solutions are: to appear in person at the bank where it was decided to open the account, or contact a specific company that will do it for you. There is for example the Swiss company Micheloud & Cie that takes care of this. Of course, weigh up all the costs and also the benefits that will derive, so you do not have to do after the bitter discovery that it had requested a service that you did not really need. The lender will then ensure that all the controls of the case, which are scrupolosissimi, designed to reconstruct the entire financial situation of the aspirant holder. If everything goes the right way, after submitting all the necessary documents, the bank will finally open your account.