Many entrepreneurs dream of being exempt from taxation. Indeed, the payment of taxes is often part of the main concerns of entrepreneurs who are new to the profession. Today, there are several countries that have the potential to have less taxes and even be exempt from taxation. These countries include Belize, which has since 1990 adopted a law facilitating investment and moving towards the tax exemption.

Belize wants to be part of the countries considered as offshore financial centers governed by the Act on the International Business Companies, which includes some similarities with the laws of British Virgin Islands and the Bahamas. It relates in particular to the IBC or International Business Company which is a form of international investment on business and some legal forms. In addition to some paperwork greatly relieved when it was created, such a structure provides many advantages that are well suited for business owners. Indeed, with fewer obligations and fees, it ensures the confidentiality of any personal information about them and its shareholders and may create a few days. In short, Belize has something to become a paradise for any businessman.


The way to reduce taxation in Belize: CBI

The tax exemption is a legal provision allowing some to escape or even to all taxes in a country. Many governments use to encourage domestic and foreign investment in their country. This is why in general the tax exemption applies to investment operations. If you want to reduce taxation in Belize, consider creating your own IBC is an offshore company (limited liability limited, branch, ) operating in trade, financial management, leasing of ships, etc. or other investments such as buying shares in other companies or patents and copyrights. Create an IBC in this country can be done in 1-10 days and reduced fees by filing a motion in the register of local businesses. It will also submit the memorandum to the Clerk and status.

The IBC must have at least one subscriber and one shareholder who may be natural or legal persons and actions must be paid in full. In addition, an office and a resident
representative is also required. Note that the shareholders, policyholders and managers in this type of offshore company are not required to become residents. The shares of an IBC may be with or without par value, bearer shares, registered shares, preferred shares, voting or not, or treasury stock. The renewal of an IBC commits less cost than a creation. However, some activities are prohibited him such as banking, insurance, reinsurance . An IBC does not have interests in any property whatsoever, except for its offices.

The benefits that accompany the tax exemption in Belize

The creation of an IBC are many benefits that can not benefit in some countries of the world only. As a means of tax exemption It allows investors to benefit from an exemption of all local taxes such as income tax on dividends and even royalty. In addition, shareholders and directors of IBC enjoy complete privacy. Indeed, their information is not included in the public record and are not subject to agreements on exchange of information between countries. In addition, they are not required to fulfill annual financial companies.

Annual general meetings are not mandatory and may occur in any country and in any manner whether by telephone or other means of communication. Proxy votes are even allowed. IBCs are not subject to any exchange control or currency restrictions. Briefly, total freedom. And for the support, the IBC enjoy excellent banking system that offers various payment methods that meet all the needs of international companies such as international cards, transfer over the Internet.