Make a car insurance has become an obligatory stop for all drivers, while remaining a matter of choice. The driver can choose his own assurances that his budget allows him to do in order to receive compensation for accidents.

How to choose a car insurance?

To choose your auto insurance, a driver is faced with a wide choice of all proposals that may offer insurance companies. These offers are often distinguished in terms of their rates, and consequently the level of safeguards that will be generated. A contract is then drawn up, specifying what that insurance covers it or not, in case of accident.


The key is to take the insurance that suits you best, depending on your budget, but also, depending on your security needs. Make sure everything that the insurance covers or does not, you can consult the general conditions mentioned in the contract. And learn the most from the organization about insurance before signing the insurance of your choice.

Indeed, due to incomplete information, you may be surprised in case of serious accidents. It may be that insurance covers only a small part of compensation you have to pay and then you should pay your own way all damage caused during an accident.

What types of car insurance?

There are indeed many types of car insurance, going from a minimum guarantee of materials and victims to guarantee maximum. However, each has its specific features, which include benefits and some drawbacks for the motorist.

Auto insurance in the minimum guarantee is also called “liability coverage” or “guarantee to third parties.” The contract, which follows, prescribe the treatment of compensation for victims, the insurance agency, in an accident caused by the driver. This insurance is essential and is required for any owner of a motor vehicle so that it covered not only him but all the passengers in his vehicle. Which says that if they commit an act that could harm others, being in the car, it will automatically pay the insurance compensation.

However, for insurance to cover anyone, it is necessary that the accident because the vehicle or at least the car is something to do with the accident. The second indispensable condition for the validity of the guarantees is that the driving of the motorist is quite in order, that is to say, suspended or withdrawn.

However, this type of contract also includes other conditions. For example, if the driver pit his own material, without express, or if he does so voluntarily any intention short, everything that could have been avoided by following the rules, the insurance does not take responsibility . Similarly, accidents due to inexcusable errors, will also not covered. But if the accident occurred following the rules, your insurance will compensate all victims, except for the driver. But with regard to hardware repairs, negotiations will be between the insurer and the client, since a maximum amount of coverage is imposed.

Other types of insurance are made to cover any damage that your vehicle can cause: including insurance “collision damage” and ensuring “all accidents”. Insurance “collision damage” will cover you only in case of collision with others. It will then take care of all necessary costs for the repair of your vehicle. The insurance “all accidents”, in turn, you will indemnify regardless of the nature of the car accident that could happen to you, for example, hitting a wall or a tree . This will be the insurer will pay to repair damage and ensuing physical. But as insurance “collision damage” guarantees will only be applied under certain conditions.

Another type of insurance will guarantee any attempted theft of hardware and accessories in your vehicle or the vehicle itself. Subscribing to such a contract will reassure you so in case of theft because your insurer is there to guarantee compensation. But the advantage of this type of contract is that it includes not only theft, but all attempts failed and the burglar could damage your car. However, coverage begins when your car is parked in a really safe or fenced.

Lastly, an assurance which should also take out any driver is the “guarantee of the driver.” Indeed, in the other guarantees, the driver responsible for a fault is rarely covered. Therefore, it is important for him to subscribe to individual coverage. It may therefore provide him security, because generally, in case of accident, it is not immune to some blues or even broken ribs . In addition, the guarantee driver has many options of coverage that will bring more security and peace to the motorist but also to his family.

In short, the types of guarantees are not lacking in insurance: guarantee in case of explosion, a fire in case of attack, natural disasters, etc . Only the customer can choose what suits them , according to the profile he wants and needs.