Attending a job interview is simple and even more without going prepared with a good resume, but most do not come prepared.

The day of the interview is important to greet the interviewer cordially, without expressing familiarity, trying to be pleasant, polite and courteous.Always arrive on time for the appointment, although if you better get up late a few minutes of delay before it appears without the bad hair or clothing. If by chance happen always ask for forgiveness but never give excuses.


Always remember the following guidelines:

Teeth, A nice smile.

When getting a job and even emotional level is really needed not to fear to smile, for that you need a clean mouth and very careful. A smile is a card in a position facing the society and provides self-esteem conditions, without which the behavior shown is closed, no one can feel comfortable or able if you can not show emotions or positive feelings, and thus demonstrate that it is a kind and optimistic.

Body, A elegant silhouette.

Unfortunately in this society attaches great importance to the image. If we have an enviable figure, we can get through the clothes, seek advice from professionals help a lot in our choice. It’s good hint, but never taught. Avoid too short tops or plunging necklines. Any work required professionalism, both in our communication and skills as in the image, always thinking for the customer.It is important to note that an image is valued more perfect to a person who follows fashion, always talking about just ahead of the interview.

Skin, Healthy Hair.

The hair is the top of the hill so to speak, if a hair is healthy, caring and good looking, assume that you are interested in feeling you give people, want to be presentable and hygienic conditions.

For this we must avoid too flashy or extravagant colors and quirky cuts. Interestingly, not too bulky. In the case of very dense natural hair and bulky, it is advisable to empty it and make a cut to avoid the feeling of wanting to hide her face under the hair. In the opposite case, that of a hair too straight, making a cut can be very paraded and irregular motion and you could even leave a lopsided bangs.

A clean face.

If the purpose is to get a job, a clean face, smiling and care will give you many possibilities.If you want a reliable and professional opinion you can go to a spa or a pharmacy where they will study and advise leather products and affordable treatments and even some food and make recommendations.Always keep in mind that too much makeup is the same as a mask, much better a clean face, at most we can apply a neutral base as possible, a touch of blush and some mascara, very little.

Interview, The communication.

Of course you must attend an interview where you know that the job offer is within your reach or you are fully capable.The body language is very important if the person you interview is not fixed it. The time to enter the room has to be done safely, never with arrogance but with optimism and with a professional smile. The first impression is what matters most.We need a firm handshake and strong, professional protocol and secure a grip should last about 3 seconds even if I had confidence, which is not the case, could reach 5 seconds.

Always avoid crossing your arms and legs, the feeling of not being comfortable and self-closing, and that our interlocutor, unconsciously, he notes. Similarly we should not tinker with their hands constantly or repeatedly go over the hair. Eye contact is key, denotes trust and attention. Always respond to questions with short sentences and well-structured, bluntly or extended explanations.

Always show interest in the job. At the end of the interview should always be grateful for the welcome and farewell cordially.Always use the best “weapons”: the smile, education and respect.