We know that when you are classified as bad paying the banks do not grant loans very easily, in fact. You will be automatically enrolled into a list, index of its unreliability as debtors, a situation that makes us look at the banks from giving credit back to these alerts. However, even when you have a bad credit reputation banks may still decide to grant the loan . It is precisely lending to bad payers, or the types of funding reserved for those who in the past have not paid the installments or have done so in their late payment. But what are these possible solutions in such a situation?

One of the possibilities to apply for a loan when it is bad payers is the sale of the fifth . But let’s see why. The sale of the fifth is basically a type of loan in which the guarantee that the bank is represented by the salary of the person making the request. Therefore, relying on Modesta guarantee, the bank may decide to grant a loan to those who are classified as a bad payer. But when the bad payer does not have a fixed salary instead be used as collateral, then what can be done to ask for a loan anyway? Even in this case should not despair, because there is still a way out.


The possibilities there are in fact in such cases. And essentially the avenues are two, that we are going to find out soon. The first is that, in the absence of a fixed monthly envelope, to provide personal assets as collateral for the new loan to be obtained. The second alternative route is instead to resort to the surety . This formula provides that the bad payer present to the bank as guarantor of a second person, who will take the responsibility to pay the installments if the bad payer fails to deliver on its promises.