How to invest in art (painting and sculpture). Art as a safe investment: advantages and disadvantages. Buy and sell paintings and sculpture in Spain.

In 2011, with the insecurity that gives the global economic state, many investors are looking for new ways to invest your money with minimal risk, often away from the stock market.

Investing money in contemporary art is one of the best investments?

If anything has become clear in recent years is that traditional forms of investment move in a market that is too volatile times: mutual funds, equities, Forex market. In front of them, charged popularity in other forms of investment assets such as gold investment or investment in artworks . Both one and the other case, the object of the investment held by the investor, on the wall of your living room. And in many cases, with yields above 15% after a few years.

Buy and sell paintings and sculptures, the best investment

Practically, any work of art is capable of being acquired for investment: installations, photography , painting, sculpture. But of all these, some are more profitable than others. Thus, the works of painters and sculptors have always been the most profitable time to be purchased as an investment. Furthermore, if the object of investor interest is painting art, paintings can be found with prices ranging from several million to a few hundred, which is an investment within reach of every budget.


Advantages of investing abroad: art as a safe investment

The advantage of investing in art is that its appreciation is almost certain if chosen artists who are in the initial stages of his artistic life, young talent. Naturally, this requires to be always well informed and advised, and the day’s events in the art world. Another advantage of investing in art is that, unlike the real estate investment as the doldrums today, the sale and possession of works of art not taxed (not the purchase ). Moreover as a work of art is relatively easy to transport, their sale is not restricted to the local level, but can be carried out in the international market.

Disadvantages of investing in art Keeping artworks

As for the disadvantages, and as with the gold investment included the need to lock away the works of art, in the safest and conservation, which could mean an additional cost high in some cases. Furthermore, it is possible that the investor is “fall in love” on their investment, so the emotional toll that would get rid of a work of art can make unwise way to invest this money.

Who is ready to learn how to invest their money in art?

Due to the nature of the art market , so alive and in constant motion, a person who wants to invest their money in art should be passionate about the field that seeks to move: keep up to date of what’s happening in the scene International and know the intricacies of the art world, auctions, art fairs. Only in this way will be able to locate that to hatch artist whose early works in just a few years are revalued in spectacular fashion.