Not only online banks offer low-interest loans. Even reputable loan brokers help consumers to low-interest loans.

It is time-consuming and often not easy, in the mass of the various loan offers on the Internet and the right to find especially favorable interest rate loan. Anyone who has neither time nor desire can turn to a professional loan broker who is seeking the cheapest deals for its customers. Seeking credit have a loan broker if he is serious, also much higher chances of a successful lending , as it has in negotiations with banks with the necessary know-how.

Please note: Not everyone who claims to be a loan broker provides, in fact loans. It happens all the time that pre-paid credit seekers high fees without ever getting a loan. A reputable broker requires no upfront fees. Consumer Organisations and the Stiftung Warentest provide information as to which brokers as reputable. For more tips on cheap credit and installment loans to know about it here . The following financial intermediaries have the financial test of Stiftung Warentest repeatedly achieved top positions.


Financial service providers, Dr. Klein

The Lübeck financial services provides loans up to a maximum of 50,000 € in terms of up to 120 months. The company advertises the so-called “Dr. Small Bestzins Guarantee “: If the borrower after the loan is a provider of loans at a lower APR awards, he received the interest rate differential (maximum of 500 €) will be refunded. Certain occupational groups such as academics, civil servants and public employees, Dr. Klein offers special rates.


Also, the Bayreuth financial services company Accedo AG in independent consumer tests its independent credit rating loans repeatedly achieved top positions. Installment loans are available from only € 1000. When financially independent credit depends on the effective interest rate on both the duration of the loan amount as well. To apply for the loan is a seeker on the loan comparison calculator on its website the desired loan amount and term. A list appears with the banks and credit offers. Among these may now be chosen the best deal.


The Berlin GmbH provides online financial brokerage in addition to the mortgage and installment loans with credit-independent conditions and promotes faster loan approval. Loans can be from 5000 amounts to €, the maximum loan amount of 50,000 € in running times between 12 and 120 months. The company’s website does have a mortgage calculator, but unfortunately does not have a loan calculator. Loan seekers, it is therefore not possible to determine the annual interest rate by entering the loan amount and term itself. This must be done by phone or e-mail request. MKIB was several times among the top 11 on the financial test of Stiftung Warentest and stands with its mortgage loan book in 2012 by financial test in third place.