The values ​​of the signing of the apple growing after the arrival of its new ‘smartphone’, whose sales continue the successful wake of the iPhone 4S and others.

The presentation of the iPhone 5 from Apple was preceded by rumors and leaks million of specialists and experts, the media spread his millions of followers around the world from, almost, the arrival of the iPhone 4 in June 2010. Who, dazzled as hitherto with the emergence of a new model of the first great smartphone of history, followed be enjoined by the mere belief that the next model could not be the exception to the rule unchanged until then.

The iPhone 4 came sooner than expected iPhone 5

The arrival of the iPhone 4S , however, to some extent disappointed being a model called differently than expected but also, and especially, not having expected benefits found in the desired pattern. But it remained the most profitable of the Recuperation firm to capture more than 50% of its sales and turn also the largest company in history with some help from the equally successful iPod tablet.


The iPhone 5 surpasses its predecessor but not competitive models

With that premise is hoped that the new iPhone 5 introduced last week was much higher than previous models, and especially to his predecessor who had minor differences with the iPhone 4, although similar or even better than competing devices they continue to grow in the hand of the largest mobile Internet access. And although the characteristics of the new high-end phone signature apple are not the desired end, not having a larger screen, as almost all models of competition, or not having the ability to transmit data and make payments through NFC technology ( Near Field Communication) , is expected to maintain and even increase the run of success of its predecessors.

An Apple iPhone to keep growing

In this line, the first reactions weighs not very auspicious for certain analysts and the press regarding the new product model most successful company co-founded by the late Steve Jobs, reservations are being made ​​so “amazing” that the firm are “completely amazed by the response from customers”, as has been reported a spokeswoman for the company. In addition, continuing the upward trend of Apple stock on the date of around U.S. $ 700, making the total value exceeds $ 700,000 and million.

Apple shares could reach one thousand dollars

Which is very auspicious for Californian technology because their titles have risen by almost 70% so far this year, and it is more so by the fact that many analysts see even may reach U.S. $ 775 or U.S. $ 810, or even a thousand dollars. Directed by the success that is expected to remain unchanged, with the new model of smartphone company in Silicon Valley.