In times of crisis, where talent and creativity are the order of the day, what is the message that reaches the consumer more?

Capturing the consumer’s attention. It is the most important goal for any brand, advertising and creative agency that price, but not always achieved. What is the recipe that guarantees the success of a campaign? In these times, all rush to war by creating the most creative ad , or simply the most innovative, the most groundbreaking. But none of these ingredients is often enough to achieve the ultimate goal: reaching the consumer.

There are no miracle recipes when engage our target but only those proposals that best identify with customers and reflect their ideals are closer to win my notoriety in the media. And do not try to have the largest budget or create the most innovative campaign. The vast majority of the time, just enough to know in detail the consumer and talk face to face. Since honesty, without losing the simplicity and truth always on hand.


Not always achieve the estimated objectives but at least the essence of the brand, that makes it unique and different will always remain in the minds of consumers. Many will say that 20 or 30 seconds of advertising is not enough to reach the consumer, that social networks are vital to making the campaign or you need to increase the budget to cover more media. But the fact is that in the world of marketing, less is more and simplicity is a degree.

What values ​​the consumer ad?

Probably not the most creative or the most different, not even the one that makes noise. But one in which is reflected, which is not pretentious, that you do not need great detail, who does not need to appear. Because the brand is like family. The most important legacy of our life. Who does not care his family, his legacy?. Transmit a lovingly cares brand quality at work is more than enough to reach the consumer. And does not require large amounts of creativity, or even need to appeal to competition. Because who knows the value of quality of work and the importance of the family, you know that you do not need much to be happy.