Italian law provides that persons who appear to be invalids can enjoy some benefits from the state. One of these benefits is represented by ‘ attendance allowance , or financial assistance for those in need of continued assistance as a result of serious health conditions, both physical and mental. Are recognized by law invalids who, with an age between 18 and 65 years, have impairments and a reduction in working capacity of no less than 1/3, he minors over 65 with clear difficulties in performing functions suitable for their age.

While they are not recognized as invalids war invalids, the disabled workers, disabled for service, the deaf and the blind. For all the people that fall into one of these categories just listed, the law provides specific other types of measures and aid. Those who are resident in Italy (Italian citizen who is an EU citizen resident in Italy) and medical constrictor invalid by the special Commission has full right to receive the carer’s allowance. But if all the requirements for applying for this grant, how do you get it?


Once it is determined that you are in possession of all the requirements, you can request a carer simply presenting the question to ‘ INPS . And ‘possible to submit the application only in electronic form and the special form must be accompanied by a medical certificate attesting to the disability. At this point, once you submit your application, you will need to wait for the outcome, which will be positive in the case where, in addition to the presence of the requirements, will be given the approval of the medical committee of ASL, supplemented by a doctor of ‘ INPS. If you get their ok you can receive your benefit as early as the first day of the month following the month when the application was submitted. Finally let us recall that this grant does not depend in any way by income and is paid in 12 months.