Some scammers offer euro cent. Systematically be wary of the siren songs of unusually high returns.

Investors who have fallen into the clutches of a night operations May resign and go to pray to St. Gemma or Medinaceli Christ, or they may report it to try to get away as soon as possible from their clutches.


Those who choose the first option will collapse sooner or later. Savers who work with a company or broker, a bank or a financial institution recognized, should not be afraid to be confronted by some a “stall”. Those who have come to the siren song of some unscrupulous that promise hard to peseta, or euro cent, or those that have been carried away by promises of huge returns in distant exotic countries or market, can be found in the clutches of a “night operations.” Often arise like mushrooms in autumn in the stock market boom periods, but are not uncommon even in rougher times, like today, precisely because the fear and low interest rates pushed many to take decisines unorthodox.

Report to the CNMV

But if you have already fallen victim to one of these bars, the first thing is to report the situation to the National Commission on Securities Market (CNMV) and brought to justice, because it is quite possible that the inversoers half are involved in criminal activity. After filing the complaint should be patient until justice do its job.

But there should be no illusions. Quite possibly the investor esganado not recover the money invested or, if you do, be in a very small percentage. The Investment Guarantee Fund newly created will recover a certain amount to each customer affected by investment services firms declared insolvent by a court or administrative.

There are no guarantees that it can recover the investment

But there is no guarantee that you can recover the entire investment if it exceeds the minimum serving the Fund. Avarice bursts the bag and the siren song ends with the ship crashed into the rocks. A tip. The money must be deposited and invested in institutions of recognized standing. Investors, especially the fans Bag Should take the trouble to know and understand the fate of their money. They should know the risks and assume them. By system, we must be wary of those who promise you stratospheric returns.

To know what to do, worth a reminder this entirely fictional mini test, closer to the joke that science, but which contains some tips you should know.

Do I feel hurt by my error “Broker”, What I can do?

A. – Not at all. Bad luck. Those for which they come. It will be wrong again in my favor.

B. Complain, complain, fight for my rights.

If you chose A, there is no doubt that is either very shy or very good people. But that is not always helpful. If you chose B, read on. The Spanish stockbrokers are blessed with the excellent service provided by the office Investor Protector. A figure sponsored by the Madrid Stock Exchange has amply demonstrated in his lifetime his ability to solve problems, big or small, which sometimes face the speculators.

The best option

The Investor Protector act as referee when necessary and as a hinge that joins the private savings to the institution (bank, securities company) with which the problem has arisen. It is without doubt the best choice for problems of trading, order execution, of disagreements between the market and investors or different views on certain operations. Financial intermediaries typically accept their guilt when they do.

Alternative routes

But there are other avenues of complaint to resolve the frictions that some operations are generated in the hundreds of thousands who are daily on the Spanish stock. Banks usually have their own customer service departments. They tend to be resolute and usually act with great impartiality despite representing an interested party in the conflict. For problems of larger size is always recourse to the National Securities Market Commission (CNMV) and, ultimately, to Ministry of Economy or to the ordinary courts of justice.