he preparation of annual accounts to the Board in management, your accountant is often your closest adviser. You entrust your accounts, check on the financial and fiscal impact of all your strategic decisions . As a family doctor, the accountant becomes almost a confidant. That’s why you should avoid casting error. “The first criterion for choosing your accountant is the confidence it inspires you, says Jean-Claude Spitz, vice-president of the accountants in charge of communication. The relational aspect is so important that our primary means of acquiring new customers is word of mouth, even if individual advertising has recently been authorized. “The ideal is to make you recommend an accountant for one of your colleagues who had the same kind of expectations and performance you.

Engagement letter:
The scope of the accountant is formalized in an engagement letter that serves as the contract says Jean-Claude Spitz. This document is mandatory and details all the work entrusted to the firm and the client’s obligations, particularly with regard to delay delivery of certain documents or information to the accountant. “If, contrary to law, men the figure show no specialization, you can still learn about the types of their customer portfolio. Knowing the specifics of your industry or size of your business can be an added advantage.


Sometimes mandatory filing of financial statements provides an overview of the balance sheet and income statement of your establishments.Since it consolidates every year the accounts of its various subsidiaries,we have better view of all its activities.I brief summary information to help me make strategic decisions. “Upon reading its consolidated financial statements. the only tenant is holding materials for all subsidiaries. Helping business leaders to bring charges, give them a more just outcome of each company,this is precisely the intention of the legislature.