Main financial accounting definitions or concepts to help you find your way in managing your business.

the difference between the sales excluding taxes and all tax-free purchases made, less the change in inventories during the accounting period.

Added value:
correspond services The added value is the value of goods and services produced less the value of intermediate consumption.

Operating income:
The operating result expresses the result produced by a company through normal operation of its own inputs.



Net income is equal to the difference between on the one hand, the products and, secondly, expenses (operating, financial and extraordinary) engaged in the same period, and the corporate tax.

need working capital:

This is money available that allows to operate the company’s business before they can collect the fruit sales The need for working capital must be considered as an investment required to operate the company and This, of starting the activity.Its variation depends on three major categories of items, it s acts of measuring inventories, trade receivables and supplier credits to reduce its working capital requirements, there are several limitations levers of the importance of stocks and their duration, reduction in the duration of the production process, increasing the period of settlement of debts to suppliers and finally, reduced time to recovery of receivables from customers.

Accounting document, it summarizes all the charges (that is to say costs) and product (that is to say revenue) of a company for a specified period, called the accounting year. Ce This document gives the net result is positive when the value of the assets of the company has increased over the period considered (called profit) or negative when the company was depleted (loss).
Cash flow:

indicates the company’s ability to finance its own growth. par It is the excess cash generated by operating a company for a certain period. aux variation provisions pour charges) sans impact pour pour It is calculated by adding to the net all the calculated net charges (depreciation, changes in provisions for liabilities and charges) no impact on cash, and that generally for each year of the company.