On 17/06/2012 Campact built before the Frankfurt stock exchange a symbolic barrier against speculation.

The now been ongoing since 2008 global financial crisis shows the absurdity of capitalist economic system different in different countries. In Spain, as more homes were built than are ever used. Cheap loans for building houses drew, now that that bubble has burst and massive houses were foreclosed, being homeless shot up – while the houses are empty.

Germany responded to the crisis initially with short-time work and the so-called “scrapping bonus”. The media in all seriousness by some one as “climate chancellor,” apostrophized Merkel faced a government that rewarded people so that they are working! Scrapped cars to buy new cars. To be the credo of the Chicago school of neo-liberals, Greece by “austerity programs” impoverished and selling it as a “way out” of the crisis, there is only the tip of the iceberg of irrationality.


Among the outraged to Occupy

The resistance against a system in which lives a minority at the expense of the majority of shows are now also available in all countries differently. While as Greece witnessed several political general strike, was based in Spain, the movement of the “outraged” (Indignados). The name goes back to the book “Be Outraged!” (Indignez-vous), the resistance fighter Stephane Hessel . Hessel, who co-authored the Declaration of Universal Human Rights of the UN calls, especially on the younger generation to rebel over the status quo and to resist.

The “outraged” occupied public spaces, and thus gave the impetus to Occupy movement in the United States, which gradually took over in Europe. In Germany, the ruling class last reacted nervously. The possibility of another company at all to just think , should be prevented, and so the three-day cultural program was the demonstration around the 19th May be prohibited. Five thousand police officers involved in the blockade of the financial district, the camp Occupy granted prior to the ECB and talked at random from restraining orders.

Fight for the financial transaction tax

Frankfurt is virtually no rest. On Sunday, the 17th June, the organization Campact a protest action in front of the Frankfurt Stock Exchange called. It is a symbolic dam to be built against financial speculation. With the help of donations will be purchased for sandbags, 3.50 € each.

Astrid Goltz, campaign manager for Campact not count this time “antics” on the part of the city ( Junge Welt ,04.06.2012, p.2), and is expected to actually find it difficult to criminalize the pending action and approved. Cause of the protest is the need for long demanded financial transaction tax introduced last. In Germany it is mainly the FDP faction who vehemently railed against it. Its chairman, Philipp Rosler made ​​recently to speak of, as he in the “Schlecker” dismissed cashiers “advised” is simply a new job search.

The action begins early in the morning at seven clock with the piles of sandbags. The program music, cabaret and speeches starts at 10 30th clock For more information or arguments it on the side of Oxfam , an NGO that supports together with Attac and the Alliance “tax against poverty,” the dam.