Participants at the conference in Warsaw found in extremist an agreement laying the foundations of the Paris Conference in 2015. But the consensus is a minimum.

An agreement was adopted Saturday afternoon in Warsaw, after marathon negotiations on climate, posing the first steps towards the Paris conference in 2015 which should lead to a text capable of limiting warming to 2 ° C. Another text on financial assistance from the North to the South, very controversial subject, was also adopted during the plenary session of the closing of the Warsaw conference, which opened on November 11.

An agreement in principle in emergency

The Agreement on the organization of a conference in Paris in 2015 and the means to reach an ambitious climate agreement was formulated in an emergency, and informally by the chief negotiators in a corner of the room, then a deadlock on this issue threatened to derail the Warsaw conference.

The international community is committed to concluding an agreement in Paris to reduce greenhouse gas emissions taking effect in 2020, involving all countries, legally binding and sufficiently ambitious to limit global warming to 2 ° C compared to pre-industrial era.


To a temperature increase of 4 ° C

The increase in current temperature is on a trajectory of about 4 ° C. The text adopted in Warsaw states that the states must begin to prepare “contributions” on what they intend to do to fight against climate change, which will be incorporated in the agreement of 2015.

Weaker formulation

This formulation is lower than the previous text, rejected in particular by large emerging economies such as China and India, which included “commitments” formula wanted France. The text on the creation of a mechanism on the “loss and damage” suffered by the South because of the warming was, however, not been adopted.

No consensus on the financial side

“There is no consensus on this text,” said the Egyptian delegate on behalf of the G77 (developing countries) and China, who requested “more time” to discuss it, while the Warsaw conference was already exceeded one day the official closing date. The president of the conference, the Polish Minister of the Environment Marcin Korolec gave a “fifteen minutes” to reach an agreement on this point at the end of the plenary session.