The market research are essential initial and if well done the start up must be able through them:

# To validate the interest of its new range of products / services to target customers identified.
# Evaluate potential business market by placing its real and truly accessible (good zoom market), the potential demand and customer levers / brakes investment partners.
# To adapt the content and form of its products / services and business models.
# To identify its target priority client, its strategy for market access, its partners with a good mapping of its upstream and downstream ecosystem and its actors competitors and potential partners.
# To know the position of offering a differentiated relative to its market, its customers and the direct and indirect competition.
# To identify messages and channels of influence priority.


We can see, this is more than just encrypting a potential business in a particular market! With this type of study, the start up knows where it should be focused, how and with what has to satisfy customers while differentiating and being profitable. But these initial studies conducted in development of supply (often in phase demonstrator / prototype or further upstream in the process of specification) are not sufficient to implement an innovative project to maximize its chances of market success.

We must be able to transform this innovative project in solution, finalized and salable and this new product / service offer in a concrete business. The finalization of the offer and its implementation method and market require specific tools, including product management / product marketing and business development (new business development activities).

Among the questions to ask (many of which are mentioned in this guide) that make – or not – in the product / service relative to customer needs and existing offerings? How to make a complete solution to meet the need and not an “end solution”? How to define the product and the associated service, including personalization? What internal or external? How to structure the offer and its business model? What to do in free or paid? How to evaluate the profitability of the solution? How to track its development? How to define the strategy and the marketing and sales? How to plan the launch? How to implement effective business partnerships? How to develop the awareness, adoption and initial sales?

In the end:

An initial study is key for a start up and it is meant to validate the interest of the projected supply and the business opportunity, to refine the content of this new offering and position it so differentiating and defining a strategy and marketing and sales initiatives for efficient access to market and develop it. A good study is not enough to succeed. The finalization of the offer and its implementation method and market require specific tools, including the product management / marketing and business development.