Sustainable Development,In February, he won the trophy for the company eco-citizen issued by the Business Club of the Pays des Abers and Coast legends.

At Didier Lelling, baker in Brittany, nothing lost, everything is recycled. The bags of salt, once empty, are recovered as rubble bags by building contractors. The bread? Distributed to horse owners. The rectangular candy boxes? A restaurant uses for its sauces. As for fruit peelings, egg shells and the other organic wastes, they fill the composter of the baker. “I practice the environmentally friendly practices for 30 years, recycling and sorting became natural,” said Didier Lelling.


He has won the trophy in February the company eco-citizen issued by the Business Club of Pays des Abers. It must be said that from the eighties already, Didier and his parents Lelling recycled glass. So it’s no coincidence that his brother Mario, restaurant in the Sarthe, also won a prize of Sustainable Development awarded him by the General Council. When he took over the bakery Plouvien in 2004, Didier Lelling widespread ecopractices: “I trained in the Brest Chamber of Commerce at the right dosage of cleaning products to use as little as possible. I also replaced all my bulbs with low-voltage models, “said the merchant.

A new furnace project:

But the bakery Lelling not only sort the waste. The leader also encourages customers to reuse their bags, “At Christmas, I gave 800 bags to my customers, which helped to raise awareness of the issue of sustainable development,” said he. Budget of the operation: about 1600 euros HT. Didier Lelling, each at its level, can contribute to protecting the planet. The message was well understood by the staff of the bakery. As for clients, she enjoys this state of mind. But the baker does not stop there way. “I plan to replace my oil fired furnace with an electric oven, greener this summer,” he says. Enfin, Finally, the merchant will reduce by one third the 500 m 2 of his bakery, in order to control lighting. No need to be a big company to make gestures to the environment.