The baby parking are a valid support to families with young children, providing an area where you can leave your own small (generally from 12 – 13 months to 6 years or so), to play in a safe environment equipped with children of the same age and personnel involved in their care. The opening of the baby parking is easier than opening a daycare center, although many nurseries also handle the baby parking in the end week. Let’s see how to open a baby parking and what are the 5 basic tips to manage a structure of this type.

will first need to have a little healthy entrepreneurial spirit and passion for children, working with children is often difficult and requires, in addition to a good deal of expertise, organizational skills and the privilege of being able to deal with situations disparate that young children often present us with. As for the families say that sometimes a baby parking is to be preferred to a single baby sitter, a less expensive solution that allows children to socialize with each other and take advantage of equipment and games to entertain proceedings.


You will need to put in order with the regulations in force, hire staff and choose a suitable location (ie the premises), in areas where a baby parking can be useful, such as close to the sports centers and shopping areas. As in all business activities in start-up, assessed the receptivity of the area and work on a business plan, in order to plan everything. Consider all expenses to be addressed in detail and set out for each activity, a minimum budget and maximum. Given that the regulations may vary slightly in different regions of the Italian peninsula, it will be well sure you find out for good, but it is generally sufficient to have a high school diploma to undertake this adventure.

Make your baby parking suitable for children taking furniture such as chairs, tables, baths and other sanitary, of suitable size for the kids, a play area equipped with adequate care to all segments of the age which generally flow into the baby parking. Try to create recreational and educational activities through training courses and workshops aimed at that segment of the children who attend more closely your baby parking, in fact, in addition to any casual customers, the baby parking can become a staple for many families, a place safe place to leave their children while doing shopping, sports or otherwise.

Finally, you propose a monthly calendar and weekly fix in which particular dates that will take place of the recreational activities of a certain type, availing perhaps, the collaboration of leaders and specialists in different activities (jugglers, clowns, etc.). Love your work, commit with passion and professionalism, combined with everything a dose of professionalism and fun, immerse yourself in the magical world of childhood with the maturity of an adult and your baby parking will run fine.